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Retro trends on Pinterest 2024

Pinterest Predicts 2024 reveals trends according to consumer tastes based on data collected from its own website.

You can see the first part here.

The “Groovy Nuptials” based on the 70s are back with a vengeance. “Retro wedding”, “Dream bridal shower” and “Groovvy wedding” among them are some of the most searched topics on Pinterest in recent times.

The “Eclectic Grandpa” concept is a favorite of Generation Z with styles like “grandpa-core”, eccentric elements that are part of retro urban fashion.

For its part, the “Jazz Renaissance” among Millennials and Generation Z show renewed interest in the musical genre. “Clothes with a jazz aesthetic” and “Outfits for a jazz bar or club” increase their popularity and have led to a definitive trend.


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