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#ExclusiveTalk: The moments that inspire Andrea Llosa

In the heart of Avenida La Mar, in Miraflores, Lima, we find ourselves in modern offices where the atelier of the Peruvian designer Andrea Llosa is located. In a pleasant chat and through the following lines we will learn more about her vision of her fashion.

C: How did you decide to return to the runway?

A: The truth is that I thought I had done enough parades (laughs). But, there were two things that interested me. The first is that the person from El Rastrillo is close to me, and I had liked the last edition of him; and also, my children had already grown up in these years and I wanted to give them the experience. They had not been able to be in my runways because they were very young and I wanted to make them part of my work. This was a perfect opportunity. It was a personal decision.

C: What was the participation of the children? I understood they were involved in some designs.

A: Yes. It’s not that I told them what they were going to do (the designs) for. I was making prints and I gathered the paintings they had done during the year. Not only the ones they did during the pandemic, but the ones at school, and I asked their art teacher for them and they sent them to me. Among all of us, we said which were their favorites and I told them I’m going to try. I didn’t want to promise them something and then it doesn’t work out. I told them I’m going to make some fabrics with the prints, they said yes. I brought them here, I showed them the fabric and they loved it. Then I made the clothes for the collection. I wanted them to feel creative, to see that they could also develop that side. They were excited to see that the prints were going to be on the runway.

C: How did you feel to see it with your children already on the catwalk?

A: What I liked the most was having the garment itself. It’s also pretty in the parade, but when I saw the fabric with the print that my Mattia made, I said it was beautiful or when Ricky, who made the world. In the end it was that, knowing that something interesting can come out of whatever you want.

C: And now after the pandemic, what is your projection?

A: It is what I decide collection by collection, the brand is forged and positioned in a space. I got into this relationship with fashion, but little by little with inspiration from different things. Be art or painted by us. Having a brand that has a relationship between art and fashion, which is ultimately what I want to do in the long term.

C: For you, what is the evolution that you have felt with respect to the last collection?

A: Now all the prints are made by me, I don’t make any fabric that isn’t mine. That’s it. First I started with one print of mine, then I put two. Until it has been one hundred percent. The evolution in the end I also think has gone from oversize to versatile garments. I have walked to get to this, stylish but comfortable garments, which in the end you can wear at any time and on any type of woman who is the goal in the end. That a fifteen-year-old girl can wear it like a seventy-year-old lady. And I think I’ve come to that. Now what you have to see is how that same idea can be transformed and give you something new. The reaction has been very good. I think I have found the audience that wants to dress that way, and that audience, every season, is open to seeing what’s new.

C: Do you think your audience has grown with you?

A: A new audience has arrived. After the collaboration we had with Ripley. And there is more public. I used to know my clients. Now the public is much wider.

C: What message do you think you give to women through fashion?

A: I think a basic thing is like the freedom of the body and movement. Above all the versatility. With the same clothes you are at work and you go to pick up your son from school, and with the same clothes you go to dinner. Have the peace of mind of feeling well dressed and you are well in all situations. We are lucky that thanks to our patterns we capture a very large spectrum of body type and it is wonderful in the end and you do not go to a specific type of woman. And I think one of the things I like is that I don’t chase the trend. I know that I am not going to be the same as anyone, because everything comes from me and it may or may not coincide with the current trend, but that is not my motivation. That makes it more unique, that’s why my market is more niche, and it’s much more personal.


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