"> Review: Marc Jacobs Daisy Wild - Camaleónicas Review: Marc Jacobs Daisy Wild - Camaleónicas

Review: Marc Jacobs Daisy Wild

The Daisy line celebrates more than 17 years of success with the launch of a new version of its fragrance called Daisy Wild with new aromas.

From the Floral Verde olfactory family, like the entire Daisy line, it is highlighted for its ultra femininity.

In its official launch statement the brand stated: “Embark on an outdoor adventure with Marc Jacobs Daisy Wild, a bold and feminine fragrance for women. Jasmine, vetiver and notes of banana blossom capture the irresistible essence of nature, provoking a feeling of discovery. The new refillable Eau de Parfum gives off a fresh fragrance reminiscent of a bouquet of wildflowers. It inspires you to reconnect with nature and embody your young, free-spirited self.”

Inspired by a bottle of wild aromas, with fun tones, it comes in 50 ml and 100 ml presentations. It is limited edition.


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