"> Review: Hugo Boss Intense - Camaleónicas Review: Hugo Boss Intense - Camaleónicas

Review: Hugo Boss Intense

This new fragrance is designed for the intrepid man who can do anything. From the Ámbar Fougère family, it is the balance between adventure and elegance.

The leather aroma that represents Hugo Boss, evokes the brand’s most symbolic fragrance, launched in 1995, which makes it a reinvention of the original essential.

The top note is red grapefruit and lime and a warm and sweet blend of velvety red apple and cinnamon. For the heart, red thyme and geranium and at the top, notes of red leather, patchouli and cedar wood.

The bottle represents masculine elegance and the spirit of adventure with the burgundy red color, bold black logo and the detail of the concrete style finish, adorned with a strip of red fabric.

“Put on this Eau de Parfum for men to tune into your vibration, embrace your truth and get into rhythm with the heartbeat of your body.” Hugo Boss


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