"> Review: Cannabis Dolce by Bois 1920 - Camaleónicas Review: Cannabis Dolce by Bois 1920 - Camaleónicas

Review: Cannabis Dolce by Bois 1920

A cannabis-based perfume is an unforgettable encounter that does not go unnoticed. Simply its peculiar aroma will remain in your memory.

The Cannabis Collection, which presents aromas based on this particular plant, has more hemp leaves than marijuana smoke, and yet it is just as disturbing and provocative as its name. Its mix evokes the youthful spirit of the sixties.

Cannabis Bois 1920 expresses in his own style “Make love, not war. Flowers are better than bullets.”

Its Dolce version has green hemp leaves crushed between the fingers and a delicate aroma of marijuana. In which it is mixed with smoky notes such as incense, oriental incense and sage. However, its greatest delight is the fragrant cocoa beans in a smoke of hemp sage and incense, which are transformed more deeply by the aromas of dark chocolate with vanilla and chili.

The nose of this fragrance is Cristian Calabro. At the top, bell pepper, cocoa and bitter orange stand out. For its part, the heart contains iris, marijuana (cannabis), cardamom and black pepper; To move on to some base notes are vanilla bean, patchouli, cedar and amberwood.


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