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H&M announces the launch of “All In Equestrian”

The H&M Group continues to focus on diversification through its own brands, and makes the launch of “All In Equestrian” official.

This new brand is explained as a “sports laboratory” for horse riding, made up of contemporary and functional collections for riders.

Active since this fall of 2023, it is seeking in the discipline of horse riding, to have sponsorship of different activations and competitions, and even actively participating as a tribute to the legendary H&M All In horse.

The launch is online in the following countries Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Poland.

The animal in question is owned by Charlotte Söderström, one of the heirs of the Swedish fashion multinational founded by her grandfather, Erling Persson. It is considered one of the most legendary horses of recent decades, it was retired from the world of competitions last February (2023).

Part of the history that this brand develops is the relationship and joint trajectory that it had with the renowned Swedish rider Peder Frericson, and that after the emotional ceremony for his retirement, he will continue with the brand dedicated to horses, linked as a consultant.

The brand has already been announced as the official supplier of riding equipment for the 2024 Global Champions League competition.


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