"> #ExclusiveTalk: Promperú "inspires" to better beginnings interview with Amora Carbajal - Camaleónicas #ExclusiveTalk: Promperú "inspires" to better beginnings interview with Amora Carbajal - Camaleónicas

#ExclusiveTalk: Promperú “inspires” to better beginnings interview with Amora Carbajal

We interviewed Amora Carbajal, executive president of PROMPERÚ at the time of Inspira, an event that encourages entrepreneurs to create development spaces for the benefit of the country.

Camaleónicas: How do you feel about the evolution of Promperú over the last few years?

Amora Carbajal: In recent years, counting the pandemic, we have been growing as an institution, before we did not have a business investment attraction department, now we do and we also have business solutions abroad that are part of PROMPERÚ, and regional macro offices . We are growing with more directions, being able to articulate more from the regions to the markets and also seeing the supply and demand. We have exports, tourism promotion and investment attraction together with the regional offices. So we can give a much broader connection to work from the base and the businessman or farmer can evolve to internationalization.

C: In the tourism sector specifically, how has development been?

AC: Well, you know that the pandemic has affected us all. It has been a very hard two years. We can only say that in October all the restrictions imposed have been liberalized. That is going to generate much more dynamism that we are very positive and implies that there is a lot of work to be done. We have to keep innovating, we have to keep looking for new technologies and it is precisely in this context of inspiration that we are in this second edition of “Inspira”. They are ideas for action. Last year we had it in a virtual format and we said it is important that entrepreneurs connect with new ideas. They are very involved in solving their daily problems or moving their business forward and sometimes we put aside looking for new ideas. See what other markets are doing, that’s why I said (at the opening of the event) “how nice it is to be in person” because that connection is different. We are with people from Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Argentina who come to give us their innovative ideas. For tourism, exports and also how to bring investment. So it’s a very interesting dynamic.

C: What are those ideas that you want the public to take away from this experience?

AC: The same entrepreneurs can take with them not only ideas, but also give them formulas to put them into action. The experts will also help us and guide us on how to act, the exchange of experiences from other countries adapt it. We have to be in constant contact with the rest of the countries with realities similar to Peru’s. We are looking for different ideas to apply based on experiences.

C: An important issue for us, which perhaps many Peruvians are still unaware of. How can you be a Peru brand licensee?

AC: The country brand will be twelve years old next year and we are promoting that more companies, both individuals and legal entities, can become licensees. The country brand has made Peruvians proud, it allows more Peruvians and companies to continue promoting Peru and its benefits through their brands. You can search for it on the PROMPERÚ page, and there we are providing information on how to become a licensee.

C: Can the citizen also promote ideas?

AC: We invite everyone to the events so that people can leave their ideas and be very active actors, within the promotion of the country. Almost 360 degrees. We want the best investments to come, tourism has been seen as the number one destination in the world and also to promote Peru’s exportable offer to the world.

C: And for our readers abroad, for you, what is Peru?

AC: For us as PROMPERÚ it is our engine. It is the raison d’être of our function as a public sector. Peru has a lot to offer for the tourist who comes, Peru has a range of opportunities to do business, it has a lively culture and wonderful people, there is a lot to offer. For the foreign investor, for the tourist who wants to come to know something new, and take sensations with them, discover places from the Amazon to a relaxing beach in the north of the country. The great exportable offer we are number one in many export products. We offer endless opportunities and there is nothing more beautiful than coming to Peru.


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