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Train cardio and strength at the same time with the following tips

Many people work all day and must fulfill a large amount of responsibilities, which is why it is difficult to find time to perform physical activity or practice some sport. However, including the exercise in our day to day on the ground allows us to improve physical health, as it helps to reduce the stress that accumulates after long hours at work.

A hectic pace of life shouldn’t be an impediment to leading a healthy life. For that, the experts at ROK, an experience center and a store specializing in sports equipment, offer five recommendations for training when you have little time:

Between cardio and strength at the same time. Combining routines is the best way to optimize training when you have little time. For example, if you walk or trot, a good option is to include weights in your toes or wrists. In addition, there are the full body routines, which are in charge of working the entire body in a single session.

Use alternative transport to get to work. In short time, an interesting method is to use transport such as bicycles to go to the work center. This way you can improve your cardiovascular health, strengthen your muscles and burn calories.

Divide your routine into several sessions. To meet your training goals, you can divide your routine into two 30-minute sessions throughout the day. For example, you could do a cardio session in the morning and another strength or stretching session in the evening.

Plan your training weekly. Booking spaces to exercise in your free time will help you to organize yourself. In addition, it is important that, when performing physical activity, focus your attention on it instead of distracting yourself with social networks or some other activity.

Doing exercise at home offers a great flexibility of schedule to train at our pace. Currently, there are applications like iFIT that work with pre-established routines designed by world wide trainers. In addition, if you connect via Bluetooth to the training machines, they automatically adjust their speed, resistance and inclination, following the routine of a coach. In this way, the user performs a more immersive session.


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