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Mother’s Day: What are the best exercises for moms-to-be?

During pregnancy and postpartum, women experience many physical changes. Therefore, it is important that they take care of their physical and emotional health. One of the best ways to achieve this is through exercise.

For this reason, the experts at ROK, an experience center and store specializing in sports equipment, detail which are the best exercises for a pregnant woman:

  1. Prenatal Yoga: Not only relieves stress, but regulates blood pressure and increases flexibility. It also provides techniques for pregnant women to remain calmer during labor.
  2. Swimming: This activity strengthens the muscles and has a low impact on the joints, so it is highly recommended for pregnant women. In addition, it helps to improve breathing.
  3. Brisk Walking: Walking will help improve your cardiovascular health and control weight gain. It is preferable that you do it on flat surfaces and with the appropriate footwear to avoid falls.

After delivery, it will be important to continue physical activity to strengthen the muscles that have been weakened during pregnancy. Although the exercises that can be performed will depend on the recovery after the birth of the baby, some of the most recommended are:

  1. Caminatas y trotes: Se debe iniciar con pequeñas caminatas y aumentar la velocidad progresivamente. Solo se podrá empezar a correr cuando su médico lo indique.
  2. Ejercicios de estiramiento: Los estiramientos tendrán que involucrar la espalda baja, el pecho y las caderas para aliviar la presión de las articulaciones tras dar a luz.
  3. Ejercicios de abdominales: Permitirán fortalecer el músculo oblicuo del abdomen y la espalda baja.
  4. Spinning: El ciclismo indoor es la mejor manera de aumentar la fuerza sin tener un alto impacto en las articulaciones, especialmente, en espalda y caderas.

In order to practice exercises such as walking and spinning, a great option are personal training machines that automatically adjust to the user’s heart rate. This causes the equipment to increase or decrease its resistance and speed to maintain the ideal heart rate. Thus, they are avoided on demands in the routine. Those interested in learning about these innovations can visit ROK.


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