"> Review: Tom Ford Vanilla Sex - Camaleónicas Review: Tom Ford Vanilla Sex - Camaleónicas

Review: Tom Ford Vanilla Sex

2023 is almost over, but not the surprises. The Tom Ford brand has launched a new perfume integrated into its Private Blend collection called Vanilla Sex.

The name reveals the provocative nature of its essence, where vanilla is the protagonist. It is warm, within the gourmand category the interesting thing is that you have both notes of vanilla tincture and vanilla absolute, which make it very significant compared to other essences. Even the tincture called Indian vanilla has been made exclusively for this fragrance.

Elegant, sensual, it has notes that make it even more defined. It is wrapped in the Private Blend bottle, cream lacquered on the inside and honey tone on the outside, making it neutrally attractive for men and women.

It is from the vanilla amber family with bitter almond top notes; with vanilla heart, floral notes; and in the background they are sandalwood with tonka bean, Ultravanil™, and the most imposing vanilla absolute.


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