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Todomoda launches new logo and collection

The renewed image has the objective of reflecting the true DNA and vision of this leading company in accessories, which seeks to convey color, authenticity, friendliness and diversity in company with the trends of a constantly growing public. In this way, he presents himself with a more solid, neutral and versatile figure that emphasizes his desire to inspire and empower our community in the search for its identity.

On line with this new image, Todomoda debuts an unprecedented collection inspired by the evolution and preferences of its society. In this opportunity, the differential is to offer products that are linked to different trends led by the growing apogee of the metaverse, environmental awareness, the world of punk and fitness.

With the passage of time it has been demonstrated that the trends are cyclical, something that can be evidenced, today, with the return of the fashion boom of the 2000 ‘s. This is why, keeping in mind the perspective of its community, Todomoda has decided to bet on the versatility of colors, details and aesthetic concepts typical of Generation Z, among which are the fascination with memes, web 3.0 and Tik Tok. This originates from a careful selection of materials from which we can appreciate how metal, full rhinestones, beaded, leatherette, crochet-like fabrics, cotton, denim and nylon result in products that embrace the different trends chosen.

Always focused on promoting a responsible spirit towards its surroundings through the creation of eco-responsible gifts, this new launch emphasizes its proposal in the use of reusable materials. Stay Active is the capsule collection that stands out for incorporating a commitment to the environment, based on products such as: backpacks, wallets, sports kangaroo bags, recycled nylon holders, wheat-based hooks, recycled polyester set vests, Vinchas and scrunchies in recycled cotton. You can see it in all your stores.


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