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Nike presents Invincible 3: the best running shoes

Nike continues to diversify its portfolio of products dedicated 100% to improving the experiences of the runner consumer. The brand was created by and for runners, and since then it has solved their needs through constant innovation, driven by its sporting culture.

In this sense, the sports brand launched the third edition of the Invincible, considered one of the best running shoes so far this year. The new Invincible 3 with the latest technology for runners, which guarantees a maximum sensation of cushioning, softness and support with each step.

This shoe integrates the ZoomX foam, light and elastic, to provide the greatest sensation of cushioning, returning the impact as energy, and incorporates a rubber sole with better traction and resistance. The upper is made of Flyknit that gives it an elastic and adaptable capacity, adjusting smoothly to the runner’s foot. In the internal collar, a ZoomX ring for a softer contact with the skin.

As for the structure, it gives maximum stability thanks to the integration of Flywire, which distributes the pressure to give the sensation of lightness in each part of the foot. Likewise, this technology provides the best support in the forefoot area, wider than in previous models.

They have the best cushioning that provides extraordinary comfort, superior softness and light support in each mile.


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