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Kipling x Minions: the funniest collection

They are the most beloved characters from the ‘Despicable Me’ saga and are now part of a very combinable and fun collection with Kipling.

The Minions, some of the most Machiavellianly lovable and hard-working characters in movies, are now part of Kipling’s family as part of their latest collaboration. They have designed shoulder bags, backpacks and accessories.

Beloved characters like Kevin arrive in a furry, shiny bag. In addition, the black bags are decorated with a “dragon” skin print, as part of the tribute to China’s Year of the Dragon. Even the inner lining is red with Minion graphics and a novel enameled dragon keychain.

The best thing about this proposal is that they are comfortable and the perfect size for your daily activities or traveling. The details that make up each piece along with the thought that characterizes its characters such as Stuart’s famous “Banana”, make them collector’s bags that many of us want to have.


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