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Kate Middleton draws attention again in The Crown

While the performances in the Netflix series “The Crown” are worthy of applause, a shout-out must also be given to its costume team for the impeccable nature of their recreations.

“You’re thrust into a new millennium, with a totally different aesthetic than we’ve seen before,” said lead buyer and associate costume designer Sidone Roberts, who has been working alongside costume designer Amy Roberts on the series. on Netflix since season number three.

Kate Middleton is played by a new face: Meg Bellamy.

Middleton’s style from that era has been recreated. From his days at the University of St Andrew’s, Scotland, with his black-lined eyes, brick-shaped Nokia mobile phone and high-heeled boots. Showing the contrast with the young royalty of that time.

“Then there are the boys, Harry and William, in jeans and polo shirts, a little disheveled and unironed; Harry and his hippie accounts; Charles and his double-breasted suits,” says Amy. “It was quite fun actually.”

One of the moments the designer remembers is when actress Bellamy wore the jeans for the first time, “feeling like Kate and feeling confident about being Kate,” Amy said. “That’s a big part of working with actors: you’re there to help, not hinder,” she said.

And one of the most anticipated moments by the public is known to be when William is believed to have laid eyes on Kate for the first time at a university parade. He could not escape that moment and it is in the plot as one of the most sought after to recreate in detail.


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