"> #ExclusiveTalk: María Eugenia Farell creative director of Prüne - Camaleónicas #ExclusiveTalk: María Eugenia Farell creative director of Prüne - Camaleónicas

#ExclusiveTalk: María Eugenia Farell creative director of Prüne

In these lines we know a little more about the Argentine brand that since 1999 has been conquering the Argentine and South American market with its own style: Prüne. We interviewed María Eugenia Farrell, director and visionary of the brand.

Camaleónicas: Prüne has known how to penetrate the style of young people and adults around the years, which was the key point of that internationalization?

María Eugenia: Prüne is a classic brand with a contemporary look. Classic chic is always in fashion and falls in love with all women, no matter how old he is. That is why Prüne has achieved success and recognition in all the countries in which he has landed. It is a dynamic brand, with a young design team that brings new proposals and interprets change.

C: It is a brand created in Buenos Aires. How much inspiration do you take from the trends and women of the city?

ME: Prüne was created in Bs As. and clearly this has influenced its label and its character. This restless and cosmopolitan city, this mixture of tradition and rebellion, these women who love fashion and the exquisite, are part of the spirit with which the brand was born.Prüne fue creada en Bs As.

(Thought: This is very true Camaleónicas, for someone who has lived and known Buenos Aires, you see the brand and feel the style of the city)

C: How would you define the profile of the woman that Prüne dresses?

ME: The woman Prüne wears is classic, but with a cool twist. She loves quality, details and wants to look good.

C: How do you feel the brand has evolved in recent years?

ME: Prüne is always in evolution, she maintains her youthful spirit despite her growth. We are in a continuous search for excellence with new materials and new designs.

In the words of María Eugenia, the next step for Prüne is to “continue to make women fall in love”.

Know more about the brand here.


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