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Running: 6 steps to start running using a treadmill

Running is a sport with multiple benefits, since it improves cardiovascular health, increases resistance and reduces stress. However, extreme weather, lack of time or lack of practice can be overwhelming, especially for those just starting out in this discipline. Fortunately, treadmills have become an excellent tool for running from the comfort of home.

For this reason, the experts at ROK, an experience center and store specializing in sports equipment, detail the steps that must be followed to start running from these fitness machines:

· Consider your goals. Each person has different fitness goals. It is not the same to exercise to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, improve your appearance or prepare for a marathon. The routine you choose will depend on this.

· Start slowly. Although you may feel energized, it is important to start by warming up to avoid risk of injury. To do this, you should start by walking slowly and gradually increase the speed. Remember to go at your own pace.

· Maintain proper posture. It is ideal that you remain in an upright position and avoid grabbing the side bars, as this could cause you to bend over. Thus, it will prevent muscle pain in the neck and back.

· Try to run on an incline. Progressive workouts with paces and climbs can help you increase your speed and endurance. It is important to note that, compared to other more aggressive surfaces such as concrete, treadmills have less impact on the joints and minimize the risk of injury.

· Try to cool down. Stopping suddenly on the treadmill can make you lightheaded because your blood pressure fluctuates. It is best to gradually adjust the speed and incline as you cool down.

Currently, some treadmills allow you to follow routines with the best coaches in the world and automatically adjust your speed, resistance and incline according to the training that has been programmed. These and other innovations in the fitness world can be found at ROK. Its specialists provide some recommendations when choosing a treadmill:

1.Your stride will depend on your height. Therefore, the higher it is, the longer the tape will be required.

2. Test that the cushioning of the treadmill remains stable during fast walking and running. This will ensure that it is of good quality.

3. Make sure the motor has good power and speed.

4. Pay attention to the incline options provided by the treadmill.

5. Opt for equipment that has pre-set training programs and can store your workout data.

6. For the proper functioning of the equipment, seek advice and have a technical service that offers periodic maintenance.


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