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Miraflex and vision care for our children

80% of children’s learning is through their eyes and a high percentage do not know that they have visual health problems.

Miraflex arrived in Peru thanks to GMO optics and is a specialized brand designed for children, with quality, safety and comfort. Next, this is what you need to know to buy your children’s glasses. Specialists recommend evaluating visual health once a year, and if they already have lenses between 3 to 6 months.

Safe and fun mounts

Miraflex supports children’s freedom as they learn through movement. For this reason, their frames are made of one-piece silicone and do not contain hinges or small parts, remaining firm even when doing physical activity.

Always fashion

Children must choose their model, that’s why there are many colorful alternatives. From trends like fuchsia to blue, orange, red, among others.

Comfort above all

The idea of children’s lenses is that they do not sit. They must be lightweight materials, such as silicone (BPA free).

Visit GMO and try the variety of models.

Since 2019, GMO has been managing Mira y Aprende, a series of free workshops in its stores, to raise awareness among parents and children about the importance of eye care for the little ones.


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