"> Review: Victoria's Secret Pink by Pink - Camaleónicas Review: Victoria's Secret Pink by Pink - Camaleónicas

Review: Victoria’s Secret Pink by Pink

This fragrance comes as an end-of-year surprise from Victoria’s Secret for followers of its Pink line and lovers of vibrant aromas.

“An original, like you” is the idea that Victoria’s Secret presents for this fragrance. Designed to be kind to the skin and versatile for all times. Created by Givaudan perfumers Adriana Medina and Nicole Mancini.

The mix of ingredients that make up this aroma experience includes both sweet and floral notes, which give bursts of freshness. It comes exclusively in a 50ml Eau de Parfum presentation.

Pink by Pink for Women is floral and fruity. At the top it has juicy red apple; jasmine abounds in the heart; and in the background, the cedar.


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