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Review: Nina Illusion by Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci, with her successful Nina line, has created a new fragrance, Nina Illusion, Eau de Parfum. Its warmest and most vibrant fragrance.

“Nina Illusion immerses you in a colorful world with a touch of magic. We have mixed soft orange blossom with effervescent raspberry and creamy patchouli to create this captivating and addictive new Eau de Parfum.” official statement from Olivier Cresp, Master Perfumer and Nicolas Bonneville, Perfumer, creators of the new fragrance.

Nina Illusion possesses the softness of orange blossom with the attractive flavor of raspberry.

Bearing the flagship of the Nina perfume family, the recycled Italian lemon, the new fragrance continues with the commitment to be sustainable, since in its process, lemons are reused for perfumery, without producing waste, using juice, peel and pulp.

Pink pepper, yuzu and Italian lemon stand out at the top. In its heart, orange blossom and raspberry give an interesting flavor. And for the base, patchouli and Bourbon vanilla provide warmth.

Its packaging is made with 20% recycled glass and it also has a small box made of FSC certified paper. As for the fragrance, it is composed of 90% ingredients of natural origin. The recycled notes that stand out are lemon, and it is vegan.

Inside its presentation box there is also a surreal illustration work by the artist Jeanine Brito, and a personalized message.

The iridescent pink bottle is adorned with a striking satin green ribbon, and the famous apple is adorned with pink flowers. This work has been designed by the head of jewelry for the Nina Ricci brand, Hugo Kreit. Not only does it decorate the packaging, but it can also be used as an accessory and transformed into a choker, bracelet or ring.


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