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Review: New Gris Dior

For the lens of acclaimed photographer Mikael Jansson, actress Jenna Ortega along with other faces such as singer Liu Yu Xin, actress Maya Hawke, artist Orelsan, artist Fai Khadra, actress Thuso Mbedu and actor Joseph Quinn unen for this new campaign.

“And if Dior gray was a fragrance?” This distinctive gray of the maison is the result of the fusion of several colors. This is why its particular aroma of chypre is distinctive and daring, its profusion of nuances combines notes of jasmine and bergamot with touches of humid forest.

It has duality because its notes go from the woody, earthy, to the floral. That’s why we’re looking for characters that represent multiple facets to interpret it.


It is not the first time that this fragrance has been launched. Previously it was called Gris Montaigne and was launched in 2013. As Gris Dior was the perfumer François Demachy who made it known and was launched in 2017.

In addition, if you are in Los Angeles, you can see more about its launch in “Dare in Gris Dior The Gray Zone”, a pop-up gallery from April 11 to April 16.


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