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Review: House of Sillage Tweety

The new limited edition Tweety™ fragrance in collaboration with Warner Brothers is one of the most anticipated releases from House of Sillage.

Since they announced their collaboration, House of Sillage and Warner Brothers with the launch of a fragrance in honor of Bugs Bunny, it was expected that their success would lead to the appearance of more enterable characters from Looney Tunes.

Delicate, beautiful like the personaje, its bottle designed in French crystal, decorated with a cape with nacre and abulón, bears the image of Tweety and is complemented with Swarovski crystals.

Available on its website at 425 USD, the presentation comes exclusively in a 75 ml bottle.

The citrus and fruity notes, pose a sweet mix with floral notes.

As we mentioned in the outlet, bergamot, manzana and acid lime stand out. Luego, in the Heart there is blueberry, peony, rose, jasmine and melocotón. For the background the almond and woody notes.

“Soft musky and woody base notes are meticulously blended to form a harmonious and refined aroma”, says House of Sillage.


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