"> Review: Guerlain TOBACCO HONEY - Camaleónicas Review: Guerlain TOBACCO HONEY - Camaleónicas

Review: Guerlain TOBACCO HONEY

Guerlain launches a new eau de parfum for its L’Art & La Matière collection.

The aroma evokes the avant-garde artistic movement, the Italian land art Arte Povera, born in the sixties, exalting the aroma of tobacco leaves and their nuances.

Guerlain perfumer Delphine Jelk has created a perfume from various raw materials, selected to reproduce the deep tones of tobacco. Its most woody and honeyed nuances captivate.

Top notes are honey, cloves and anise; the heart is tobacco, tonka bean, vanilla and sesame; base notes are agarwood (oud) and sandalwood.

The sensual and perverse substance of raw tobacco reveals its facets when in contact with honey. With a vitality and an olfactory tension of contrast.

“I had wanted to combine honey and tobacco for a long time. On the one hand, we have the dried tobacco leaves with their powdery swirls of aroma; on the other, we have honey as a delicious and enveloping nectar.” – declares Jelk.


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