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Review: Guerlain Muguet Millesime 2023

For the house of beauty Guerlain is a tradition that takes 110 years and is that it always renueva el homage to a fragrance so distinctive for them. Composed by the Master Perfumer Thierry Wasser.

This last perfumer is in charge of offering new versions of Muguet since the year 2016,  to celebrate the flower of success: the lily of the valleys. A tradition that Jacques Guerlain started in 1908.

The composition is of floral essences. The sambac jazmín absolute, the essence and the rose absolute come from harvests selected by the perfumer. Giving the illusion of a newly collected branch. With a background of green and rose chords.

From the packaging it’s a whole experience, like a freshly opened chapter waiting to bloom. The bottle symbol of Guerlain, recognized as the bottle bee, completes 170 years since its creation. For the 2023 Millesime edition, exceptional artists Karen Swami, ceramist and Ateliers Vermont, Haute Couture embroidery house, have teamed up. It’s like a surprisingly realistic ceramic bell, in the shape of a flower, complete with a delicate hand-embroidered tulle bow.

Its production is a limited and numbered edition. Only 5000 pieces will be produced and will be sold by the brand’s own boutiques and by its official website.


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