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Review: Estée Lauder Legacy Collection

On February 1, 2024, the Estée Lauder brand presented The Legacy Collection in five fragrances: Private Collection, Estée, Azurée, White Linen and Knowing.

They say that great ideas need more than one head. In this case, a team was needed. The idea of having collection fragrances that represent the essence of the brand through the years and that represents them was created by Frederic Malle.

Malle has previously worked for the brand in 2015 and for this collection he has worked with great perfumers from IFF, one of the most prestigious ateliers in the world of perfumery.

Their job in creating products was to remove “background noise” from formulas, which are unnecessary nuances or notes that are sometimes used or left behind when mixing already known perfumes. For Malle, the most important thing was to get to the pure essence that exists in each fragrance.

We start with Private Collection which has notes such as Sambac jasmine, basil, tarragon, and galbanum. What was Mrs. Lauder’s private fragrance is elegant and blends with rose, oakmoss and musk.

In the case of Estée it is a striking mix of floral and musk with carnation, ylang-ylang and rose, bouquet of jasmine and honey.

Azuree es amaderadas que contrasta con notas de bergamota y salvia. Además de tener notas de cuero y jazmín. Lo interesante es su esencia en aromas que evocan el Mediterráneo como albahaca, cardamomo, clavo, y comino. 

One of the most elegant and classic is White Linen, the floral fragrance with a mix of rose, musk and amber with powdery elements.

And in the case of Knowing, the chypre floral fragrance has notes of black currant, Damask rose, patchouli and amber.

Since February 5th you can find it in the famous HARRODS stores.


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