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Review: Chloé Nomade Nuit d’Égypte

The Chloé family highlights that when they launch their fragrances they do it in a big way. The idea of traveling, discovering, and evoking new aromas is always part of its appeal.

This is a reinvention of the 2018 fragrance line known as Nomade, and evokes the heritage of Gaby Aghion, the brand’s founder, and her birthplace, Egypt.

The nose that created this perfume is Juliette Karagueuzoglou, who was based on the first perfume of humanity, created by the Egyptians, kyphi. With a modern approach but based on ancient recipes with ancient ingredients.

Chloe Nomade Nuit d’Égypte comes in three presentations of 30, 50, and 75 ml Eau de Parfum.

Notes such as myrrh coexist with cinnamon, and among others, favor the distinction of the aroma among others within the market. And the seal of Egypt is in her heart, the interpretation of kyphi with Egyptian orange blossom absolute reveals the place of origin in a unique way with a memorable essence.

Created 90% with aromas of natural origin.

The fragrance breathes the atmosphere of a Middle Eastern trip from the start, where you find the notes of myrrh, cinnamon, ginger. Kyphi, orange blossom absolute, broom nectar. At the start, vanilla, cypriol, opoponax.

The bottle stands out for being made from recycled materials. From the box, with 40% of the cardboard made from recycled materials, and the same in the glass of the container with 15%, it also has the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certificate.

And even more special is that the blue color that stands out on the bottle also has a meaning in its origin, as it was the first pigment obtained by humans.


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