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Review: Carolina Herrera Lunar Lover

From the Lucky Charms collection, a new proposal for Herrera Makeup is born with this Lunar Lover charm that you are going to love.

The elegant bottles of the Lucky Charms collection have always highlighted that they can be combined with each other. Each one carries a detachable Herrera Beauty charm, making it a collector’s item.

The latest launch has been the lucky charm known as Lunar Lover, which also comes with a limited edition perfume that is captivating.

From the design of the bottle that perfectly mixes the pinks and reds that symbolize the brand, with the charm of the mythical Chinese dragon, a symbol of luck, love and also joy. The composition of the fragrance could not fail to be electrifying.

In the top notes there is a powerful red tea, while in the heart the hibiscus stands out between the hibiscus flower and cayenne, with cedar wood at the base, which makes it warm. A journey of expressions, between floral, musky and woody.


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