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Review: ARMANI My Way Nectar

The new version of the My Way line presents a contrast of aromas, full of a timeless, elegant essence and a young spirit.

My Way Eau de Parfum Nectar has the essence of tuberose. From the floral family it is contemporary, perfect for women. The pink bottle follows the rounded and square shape of the brand, with a talisman-shaped lid.

The top notes have Calabrian Bergamot, ripe pear accord and the aroma of Orange Blossom. In the heart, Spikenard Absolute, Superinfusion of Jasmine Grandiflorum and Violet Leaf. For the essential that is Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, Cedar Wood and White Musk.

The notes are durable and elegant. Vanilla comes from sustainable sources.


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  • 2085461181 says:

    Where can I buy this??

    • Camaleonicas says:

      Hello Christy 🙂 the store where you can find it is Armani Beauty web, Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Ulta Beauty. Is just being launched so will just suggest to wait a couple of weeks to find it in most of those stores.

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