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Review: Aqua Allegoria Forte de Guerlain – Rosa Palissandro

The Forte range of the Aqua Allegoria line is deeper and more textured. This fall, the brand presents three new opus: Bosca Vanilla, Oud Yuzu and Rosa Palissandro.

“The Forte line celebrates the extraordinary power of wood through three new intensely woody eaux de parfum” Guerlain

Rosewood or rosewood, a faceted material with citrus, spicy, floral and woody inflections, although it was no longer used to preserve tropical forests, especially in Brazil, today it is used through sustainable techniques. And it is in Peru where, since 2016, Frédérique Remy from Floral Concept, works on the rehabilitation of this wood within the framework of a nursery organized by Peruvian communities that have created a distillery to produce a fine essence of rosewood that Floral Concept sells to the fine perfume industry.

The nose behind this fragrance is Delphine Jelk. At the top are anisaldehydes from coriander and lemon; she preserves in the heart the rose of Damascus, geranium and palisander. In the background, her notes are patchouli and sandalwood. In this creation she feels the evolution of the perfume, with a creamy and spicy finish.


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