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Princess Party x Kitsch

You know that Kitsch’s latest collections have caught my attention. The last one, Princess Party by Disney princesses, is extremely delicate and one of the favorites of the year.

One of the most special collections is the Satin Heatless Curling Set and what makes the brand internationally known, this 100% satin product leaves well-defined curves in the hair and is the favorite of many. You can use them and sleep on one of the delicate pillow designs, also made of 100% satin.

Let’s remember that satin goes very well with hair because its texture protects it from frizz, does not break it and keeps it in order.

The collection is inspired by the 12 official Disney princesses that we all love.

Everything is designed to keep your hair soft. The collection has been designed for any age, it is limited edition, with all the magic. It is complemented by the mask and the famous scrunchies.



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