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A Stork in Trouble: The Lost Jewel

This film offers fun, adventures and shared emotions to watch with the family, where adults and children alike can spend a fun afternoon.

Richard will take an exciting trip and will feel proud to be a “Stork” (an expert with the best qualities of a “sparrow” and a “stork”). He attracts attention from the foreground by the striking colors and animated characters of him. It is a children’s film that can be enjoyed with the whole family due to its entertaining story, the emotions it generates in viewers of all ages and the messages it transmits, especially its call to value friendship and courage.

Enjoying the winter on a large lake in North Africa, Richard (a sparrow who believes he is a stork after having been raised by them) learns that this time he will not be entrusted with a mission as honorable and responsible as leading the flight of a flock of storks returning north. Not wanting to accept this, he decides to embark on an independent journey full of dangers and adventures. When they realize his absence, Max (his brother, a stork older than him), Kiki (a happy dancing parakeet and disco music fan), and Olga (a female pygmy owl who has her imaginary friend Oleg) go out in search of him. ). Along the way, Richard will encounter Samia and her flock of sparrows in distress, captured by the evil marabou birds led by the greedy peacock Zamano. To gain freedom, the birds must unite into a friendly team, show bravery, ingenuity and inventiveness to solve the riddle and find a mysterious treasure with jewels. On this journey, Richard will apply the skills learned from storks to overcome adversities and dangers, and will feel proud of being a “Stork” (an expert with the best qualities of a sparrow and a stork).


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