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The exercise of gratitude

Since I was a little girl, I was taught that one can and should see them for one. That nobody will help you and therefore there is no need to depend on anybody. Is it a little depressing truth? Well, when one grows up and matures, you understand the contexts where you can really apply what your fathers taught you since you started to speak, but at the time you feel it, thanks to God someone gives you that touch of reality.

And it is that since uno va a creciendo comienza a normalizar ciertas cosas y otras las pasa para alto. More and more consumerism, more and more materialism and the routine, the times and the superficiality of the day to day we omit, we pause and above all we reflect on an important topic. At what moment do I value the details of life.

Did you start thinking about that? Have you made your mental list of what you have at the moment? and let’s be sincere, if we hate each other that pause, and we’ll start to list really like we would all tend to have more positive things or happiness for the smallest things that we can say: THANKS LIFE.

So, if it’s so simple, why not do it? Sometimes we think that between more us cueste is better to value it. Y en parte es verdad. However, there are no absolute truths. But this little big detail of deciphering, writing or thinking a single minute of the day I want to thank you for what is already present in my life, it will make the difference. And if it does so, it will be even more effective and transcendental, even visionary with the time to maintain a high and optimistic energy on the fly.

A minute of your day reversed for the long term, which can transform how you face life in the face of adversity. Sixty seconds that allow you to decide and value the graces from the fundamental that is your existence and the much that there is in you to offer.

Always remember, to help and give the best, you must always be with energy at the highest level.

On a personal level, if there’s something I should be grateful for this 2022 that already happens to us, it’s back to work. Tempting again, always learning beyond setbacks. And today I toast for you, for those who are giving their time reading these lines and wanting to join this little beautiful madness called life with peace, love, and much to give.

A super, thoughtful turn of the year. We always go for more



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