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Let’s be honest with our body

This time we will talk about a very controversial topic, related to love and respect for the body. In times where the aesthetic and external seem to be more important than the interior and feelings, it is worth thinking about it.

Have you ever wondered how important the perspective we have on our own body is?

It is true that appreciating our body as it is can be a difficult task, however, this will bring you many benefits in the long term, and even change our way of seeing life.

Our vision of ourselves, along with our thoughts have a decisive impact on our health and well-being. These influence not only how we feel, but also our appearance.

Loving your body means looking at you with curiosity and from love instead of hate. Do not judge yourself for your physical form, do not criticize you or speak to you with contempt. Stop looking for an ideal body and understand that your body is already ideal for you, because every part of ourselves is there for a reason. Learn to accept ourselves as we are necessary and the first step to take even if we want to change.

We must be aware that, given the society in which we live, most of us feel dissatisfied with our body or have negative thoughts about it. This is due to impossible ideals that are socially imposed on us. Outside of these, there is the possibility of maintaining a healthy and respectful relationship with our body.

El amor propio es importante para vivir bien.

We must accept our individuality and recognize our differences as unique.

I hope this article has been very helpful. I invite you to reflect, and I share some small tips on how to cultivate self-love, they have helped me a lot!

Greetings and thank you very much for reading, have a very good week!


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