#AuntDanny: The tricks to keep children and babies distracted

Look, you! If you are watching this post, it is in fact dear mom that you wonder what I’m missing? And no, it’s not the new technique to comb your hair while you can breastfeed, we leave that for later … If you look at my face picarón is a, do you really not realize?

Mommy, you who are half-eaten reading tips behind the screen, I know it’s time to distribute your activities, and perhaps today you have other priorities … However, I think you are omitting something essential YOU!

If you are immersed in this new stage of motherhood and feel that there is no time. Here are some basic “plays” that I learned from watching moms in early education techniques since I can remember they can help you.

Here are some basic “plays” that I learned from watching moms in early education techniques since I can remember they can help you

If you are with a newborn, we know that you can not leave it alone in a room and believe me it is not necessary. But, did you know that babies react faster to mother’s odors? Having mom around is a priority for them, and believe it or not, it’s time to thank your hormones that you create that unique mother and child connection and alter our Ph because the solution lies in them.

When you wear a pajama or polo when sleeping, that also place it in the hours that the baby sleeps or naps. Not only does it give you peace of mind but it will allow you to move around in the room and do other activities while the baby is resting.

In the terrible two to the noisy five, at this stage, your little one has already developed his incredible personality, so the best thing is didactic distractions with toys that not only occupy one, but more than one sense at a time. This helps your developing brain work more, which in turn generates greater distraction, so not only learn but also get tired to sleep more hours. Also, mom gives you the necessary time for you. Always remember to monitor them as prevention.

When school age and social interactions begin, although children help develop their social performance, which we will see later in another post, if you do not have time to take them to play with other children and should stay at home, it is the stage to focus on their concentration. Give him interactive “tasks” such as coloring, drawing, reading, exercising, always commanding according to his tastes and above all, GUIDING THEM. The children will take their time, practice their approach, and you will have time for yourself that is the most important. I hope you go super with these tips.

See you soon in another post.


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