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Zapatillas Bride: bride’s style

What can make a new day more special? That she feels more comfortable. And why not, she deserves it. To get to the great day there is also to organize many things and on her day, the new girl must be the most relaxed and happy party.

Thinking about every new style, and in its own comfort, is that Catú Novias has launched a new collection designing shoes, with three models.

If you are one of those who are fans of the brand and are faithful followers of its designs, the Armonía model has a classic touch of the brand for its rounded cuts surrounding the design.

In the case of the new audaces and those who like the metallic tones, Cielo is designed for you as it is a fully metallic model with a delicate touch in the design of the sneakers cords.

If you are looking for a romantic touch Paz, have this elegant and sweet touch for its fine design that every new girl will love.

Comfort and comfort with your rules, you comfort is the most important thing this day, dancing all night and enjoying that happiness that invades you from the pies to the head, you get married in sneakers.

The most important thing is you, how you feel, what you want and feel that day.

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