Why booties are the best “basics” you can have in winter?

Although you do not believe it is not a very difficult question to answer. But let’s put the context a bit.

Actually one of the most frustrating things that we have the short ones is that in winter a lot of boot styles are not going to stay. If we add the amount of boots that make for “super thin legs” that really half of women in the world we can not place unless we send them to the shoemaker, it can really be a nightmare. It sounds ironic, does not it? Do not worry! Everything has a solution.

The booties have been and are, that kind of shoe that goes on almost every occasion.  Whether it’s half season or the absolute winter, they are almost all body types and are definitely essential in more and more outfits. In case your legs are long and thin you can use it with pants that outline your leg and play with the visual weight of wide-mouth boots.

On the other hand, if your legs are small and wide, look for boots that look longer than wide to give you those extra inches. Remember that all tacos should be proportional to the body, being a better taco loot for a person with a few extra kilos.

How to combine them for a day-to-day situation? Ankle boots with jean become your new basics. If you want them for the office, we recommend a midi skirt that will give you long, if you are curves provided a pencil skirt, and if you are thick build a straight cut pants.


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