"> “The search for the present” by Vélez - Camaleónicas “The search for the present” by Vélez - Camaleónicas

“The search for the present” by Vélez

This year the Colombian brand Veléz seeks to reach different parts of the world, with the objective
The main thing is that the vision of the brand manages to expand internationally, trying in this way to understand a much more universal humanity, understand today as a reality where we are all accepting our different corporalities, our neuro divergence and that the connection occurs when
we see the beauty of everything, when we are inspired and want to talk about everyone and to everyone.

It seeks to reach different generations, mainly young adults
which is aware and critical of the new realities.

Within the philosophy and strategic axes of the brand, it wants to respond to the new values of a society that requires and needs a new business model more responsable; therefore, they focus on a responsible fashion strategy, where have as an engine of innovation that goes from the production of their materials to the launch of its collections in stores and campaigns, where all its processes must meet sustainability parameters.

Today Vélez is creating new responsible fashion standards that generate a change consciously, reducing its environmental impact, improving its materials, working with responsible suppliers and being sustainable from the start.


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