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The mistery of the purse

Hi my minions!

In a land far far far away we are gonna call Lima The Grey…

An unknown girl left her  Cabify (like Uber in US)  like a maid of this century in her black pumpers ( his companion not opened the door, but the taxi driver did so Bravo!) And began her journey through the fashion world. She saw some looks, passed through the area of champagne, and was horrified when  discovered that she was even smaller than Thumbelina to watch the parades from her seat. But still, people with tacos and models with their 1.80 bowed down to her and asked where she got that delicate and striking (even provocative) bag?

To which the little midget curvy, called Camaleónicas, responded with a shy light: It’s Kate Spade New York. And by magic, people started to grab their wands (smartphones) and kept not only photos of it, but sailed on the sea of google to get to the fountain of desires (the online catalog) .. .

In my country the ones who doesn’t know is only in Saga Falabella at Jockey Plaza Mall, but also they have its own website (not shipping for Peru but you might buy for Brasil or Mexico, for example) Finally, you can buy it as I did in ShopBop store (I ‘m like the Nanny, never paid retail always look for the Big Sale ;))

Kate Spade NY  is a brand that creates for the design of novel bags, purses and always trendy and delicated  (you can be surprise when you visit its website:

camaleonicas at lifweek trendy and vintage in kate spade new york

Thank you so much Keep Trent for this pic!

My look is completed with one of my fav blouses from RED Valentino, pants by JCrew, black pumpers of  Milano Bags, watch Fossil  and accesories of  Tous  & finally make up of  Guerlain with my lipgloss Kiss Kiss.

You know sth curious about it that it took me just 3 minutes to decide what to wear to the event and i was ready after 8 minutes! (this was not even the look i was thinking, it’s just that my day was full of events and no time at all) had to go to a university as a digital CEO to expose and it was in the other site of the city, then comeback to office, comeback home and then this comeback to the fashion events in Lima. But as I always say (And I’m translating) “with black you can never lose ;)” while you get to know your body and your colors, and specially classic is the style you can use WHEREVER you go.

See you next week with more 🙂



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