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The five eyewear trends we saw in fashion weeks

This season will dominate the sports lenses, Wayfarer classics and rectangular frame, which are some of the novelties that came to Tokyo, Paris and Milan.

As semanas de moda confirmaram o que vínhamos vendo no street style. Tanto em roupas quanto em acessórios, a tendência Y2K vem forte: veremos mais uma vez óculos ciclista, lentes degradê e armações retangulares. Aqui te contamos cinco tendências que estão vindo com força nessa temporada e que claro você pode encontrar em www.GMO.com.pe

  1. Green mounts: (main picture) this year the green color and the lens mounts, both optical and sun, will be this color. And that is that a pop of color always comes well to highlight a black outfit, as a contrast to the style of the Nordic influencers. Everything is in the personality and in the atreverse.
  1. Degraded lens: From just looking at these models we think of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, and that’s what we used in 2000 is back. Hailey Bieber, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Kaia Gerber are some of the current celebrities who have become popular with these models, who, in addition, are not fitted and who this time come mainly in coffee tones, but also in fashion color, they green.
  1. Sporty style: Biker and cyclist glasses are one of those trends that generate controversy, love them or hate them. With a futuristic and urban look, these models can be found in firms like Oakley. This year we’ll see these models in both reflective and all-black styles.
  1. The classic Wayfarer and Clubmaster are back with a MEGA touch: it was enough for us to see Chiara Ferragni wearing them during Paris fashion week to know that the Ray Ban model that was born in 1952 would once again devastate with a MEGA evolution And this is The silhouette is tremendously flattering for different types of faces and, furthermore, it looks great with everyone, everyone, every outfit. In 2023, it evolves with an extra-large temple with all the RB attitude.
  1. Rectangular frame: Another silhouette that is part of the heart of the Y2K era and the late 90s as well. We will see these frames in both sunglasses and optical lenses: if you want to complement them with your office look, try to choose lenses with anti-blue light treatment. We will see these frames in their smaller versions as well as in XL formats. Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner are super fans.


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