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Sustainable fashion: American Eagle’s new production method

American Eagle presents its latest method of producing sustainable garments, showing its commitment to the environment.

Sustainable fashion prevails. American Eagle presented its new Real Good Collection production process, garments made of 50% fiber and 100% cotton. All obtained in a sustainable way, saving water, reducing the carbon footprint and using more sustainable raw materials.

Since 2021, the brand has been adding Real Good pieces to its collection, starting with #AEJeans and showing itself as a fashion brand that is both affordable and responsible for the consumer. Each pair of jeans saves an average of 12 gallons of water, reducing 36% of water used. In turn, the brand used the equivalent of more than 127 million plastic bottles as raw material in 2022.

These sustainable garments are already available to the public in its stores and websites in Peru, the United States, Canada, Mexico, China and Hong Kong. Additionally, it ships to 81 countries worldwide through their websites.

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