"> #STEFIYRICKY the wedding of the year of Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner in Argentina - Camaleónicas #STEFIYRICKY the wedding of the year of Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner in Argentina - Camaleónicas

#STEFIYRICKY the wedding of the year of Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner in Argentina

The influencer #StefiRoitman and the singer #RickyMontaner decided to get married and celebrate with a big party for more than 600 guests. The ceremony was held at Haras Dok, located in the Exaltación de la Cruz district, some 80 kilometers north of the City of Buenos Aires.

Stefi Roitman wedding dresses

The first wedding dress, in white, with a neckline and a long train, was designed by Guevara Ocampo and looked spectacular. A wedding dress that made her look like a princess and that incorporated the personality of the bride. We love!

The second outfit that Stefi wore, the bride preferred to make a change for an armed tulle corset dress, hand-embroidered with sequins and glitter appliqués. A much fresher cocktail-type dress, designed to enjoy 100% of the celebration. creation of Rocío Rivero Art Couture.

Stefi, chose a very natural makeup

The bride shone at all times of the night and wore a wonderful make up made by her personal friend, the makeup artist Fabiana Pereyra.

In the eyes, a very soft shade in nude color was used just to define and she placed many false eyelashes simulating extensions so that nothing would run at the time of the ceremony.

A lot of fixer was placed to make everything super waterproof, always bearing in mind that it is January and summer is on the surface. On her lips she used a Nude color as a base, and a shade more red in the center to give a sensation of natural color to her mouth.

The hair was made by Max Jara de Jara Hair workshop with a delicate high bun that allowed to show off Stef’s face through the bangs, very romantic and delicate for this type of occasion.


In this case, she had a luxurious list of women who escorted her to marry, with 14 Dresses from the beautiful Court of Bridesmaids at Stef and Ricky’s wedding, designed by the Colombian brand Helenica. Something very common is that they all dress in the same way and in this case they chose an elegant mint green to unify from the outfit as well as a delicate lavender tone, also all with a v-neckline and Japanese or sleeveless sleeves.

At the party, Chantal Roitman featured prominently as a maid of honor. She wore the mint green dress designed by Jorge Rey, and was on a par with #Evaluna, wife of #Camilo and Sara Escobar, Mau Montaner’s wife.

A 5-tier cake

Completed assembled in the party room, the cake had 5 tiers “all edible” with a cute painted flower design.

1st and 2nd floor of Oreo cream
3rd floor of Chocotorta
4 floor Dulce de leche and meringues
Creamy red fruit base

The Argentine entrepreneur, known in networks as Estilo Guava, said that Stefi is a fan of the carrot cake, therefore one of the layers of the cake was a sponge cake with carrots, golden raisins and walnuts. Another of the cakes was vanilla, Ricky’s favorite flavor.


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