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Recommendations for 2023: buy everything gold

This has been an irregular year in many ways, but on the verge of a new year and new beginnings, and always thinking about smart purchases, we bet on this tip that you will keep in mind on every special occasion to make the perfect gift.

Metallic tones are timeless, but if there is something that stands out from gold, it is its versatility to always be elegant above all things. It has never been out of style or season, it just lives reinventing itself.

That is why both in garments and accessories, it adapts and combines with any style, always looking for enhancement in each look.

The power of adaptation is so important because you will see it in all ranges and it will always fall well. In this section of preferences there is a wide range of opportunities with budget pieces that, although they are a little higher, are varied and there are even high-quality accessories such as gold-colored stainless steel.

(All the objects chosen in this post are from Chronos, from DRASAC, Distribuidora de Relojes y Accesorios S.A.C. It is currently the official and authorized distributor of 14 international brands of watches, jewelry, wallets and leather accessories in the country, having as part of its portfolio to companies such as Guess, Fossil, Bulova, Citizen, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, Guess, Kennet Cole, Reebok, among others.)


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