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PRÜNE PEOPLE: Rewarding consumers

The Argentine fashion brand Prüne with its Latin American campaign “Prüne Pople” will bring together 6 people to be spokespersons for the brand for an entire season, giving voice to new faces, bodies and realities.

PRÜNE is present in: Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay and Colombia.

According to the study “What consumers think about influencer marketing”, , both millennials and generation Z are characterized by being more authentically committed to their environment, ceasing to believe more and more in those influencers who do not perceive themselves as authentic, or “paid”.

For only 29% of those surveyed, popularity or recognition is important, thus preferring real people over celebrities.

María Eugenia Farrell, creative director of Prüne, says: “Prüne People is a campaign with new values and identity that will allow us to empathize with what people want.”

Those who want to participate in this campaign, which will be carried out in the countries where the brand is present, and register from October 11 to 27 of the same month through its web. Later, there will be a jury in charge of a pre-selection of 10 finalists, who will go on to the final stage and chosen by popular vote.


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