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Piercing Mania by TOUS

Piercings arrive with force this season. And TOUS has launched a campaign that ranges from the most classic tastes of its clients to the most trendy, taking the experience to the world.

Today the trend of piercings is not exclusive to a grunge or urban style, they can be a super elegant piece or accessory that gives personality. At TOUS they make only two types of piercing, nose and ear with beautiful and delicate pieces designed to take that glamor with you. There are designs with pearls, brilliant and always accompanied by the emblematic bear of the brand.

Also being aware that piercing is an act that requires safety, hygiene and protocols, there is Piercing Studio. It is important to mention that there is no cost, that they do it exclusively with pieces of the brand for the purchase of the piece and, if it is the first time, only gold pieces should be used to avoid any health problem with the skin. For this, the person signs a consent, since the process requires biosecurity protocols, for the confidence of his esteemed clientele.

You can see the piercing studio here


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