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New Audi e-tron: the car of the future arrives today

Audi e-tron brings a renewed design concept that will be characteristic in the next Audi electric models, without losing the essence of the brand. “It looks and feels Audi. We have followed the design that our customers value but adding new details that will be the hallmark of the new e-tron,” explained Hermann Baumann, Audi Marketing Manager.

Aerodynamics is the point where great emphasis has been made to benefit the autonomy of the
vehicle. The Audi e-tron has a sporty look, thanks to the sloping roofline.
back, added to those of the shoulder that extend around the car and simulate a center of
lower gravity. The characteristic quattro design is complemented by a more robust style.

Among these details, the first that jumps out is the front grille, which is now wider and
less tall, has vertical bars and is largely closed because it does not need
air intakes as it happens in a car with a motorcycle.

The new Audi e-tron is a 100% electric SUV for sports, family and leisure use. Their dimensions of 4,901 mm long, 1,935 wide and 1,616 high, give it the habitability and comfort typical of large Audi models. With a wheelbase of 2,928 millimetres, the Audi e-tron offers plenty of space for five occupants. The area in the row rear is practically flat for the comfort of the occupants, in addition the trunk has a capacity of 660 liters, which makes it suitable for travel.

In addition to the Ambition and Advanced equipment options, the Audi is available in Peru e-tron Sportback that is differentiated by its coupé body with a greater roof drop in the back. The shape of the e-tron Sportback has made it possible to achieve an aerodynamic coefficient of 0.25 Cx, which improves that of the conventional e-tron. This allows greater autonomy to be achieved 400 kilometers.


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