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NELBLU: the elegance of good design

One might think that a bathing suit is for walking on the beach, but when you meet brands like NELBLU, that ambiguous concept becomes synonymous with sophistication.

From the selection of colors and cuts, one realizes that the variety with which each piece can be worn is to accompany you with elegance on your trips to the pool or beach, but also why not to the most tropical, Mediterranean cities. or where the sun is always giving the time.

And good taste is also carried with sustainability. That is why the Peruvian brand works with the Econyl brand that produces eco nylon, works with this material that is recycled and restructured so as not to use new resources.

To complement, they have launched a line of clothing that perfectly complements their bathroom pieces, taking their style to a new episode, where we know that when brands reach that level they conquer the international market.


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