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My favorites from the new Disney Princess x Butrich collection

I think there is no girl who does not like or feel identified with a Disney princess. Particularly one of my favorites is Jasmine, I have even played her in the children’s theater. So when I saw this collection I wanted to know a little more about what the creative mind of Jessica Butrich could do with these pieces. Guaranteed success, it is enough to see the queues, how the orders on the internet are running out and a long etc.

As there are 71 pieces in this collection that are divided into five princesses, I will show the ones that are my favorites particularly for me, or this article would take forever. First, because they are things that yes or yes I would use in my daily life; second, because they are pieces that I identify with because of how creative they are, and believe me, even I was surprised.


Everyone would think this would be my favorite of all, but there were more pieces that I loved from other princesses. I must also clarify that it is always a creative vision and that it is free interpretation. The pieces that I choose are incredible, and they are that modern and playful chic touch that we can take wherever we want.

I think of an adaptation to a modern business woman who travels the world with a lot of sophistication and the interesting thing is that this passport holder has the print of the beautiful classic carpet from the animated film.


One of my favorite movies, if there is something that identifies me about Belle, it is that she reads a lot and that she always seeks to know beyond her established world. In this collection I want to highlight the romanticism and prominence of one of the most important elements of the film, the red rose. And the interpretation of it in the elements and uses as it has been delicately highlighted in each piece.

Undoubtedly for a date, for a dreamy girl, for a romantic who wants to look fine and elegant, these pieces are an excellent accompaniment.


The Little Mermaid is that classic Disney that envelops emotions generation after generation and in this collection the marine elements as well as the use of the classic lilac combination with marine green could not be left out.

Ideal for the summer season at a meeting or event, be it day or night, these accessories combine and you can wear them with style and glamour.

Snow White

The movie that started it all. And in this case my fanaticism for red is felt in my chosen pieces. This is a moment to vindicate this princess, because from being one of the most shy, this modern fashionista air makes this collection renew it, a twist to history.

Red is daring, striking, so just using one of these pieces in any look will make you attract attention. For those days when you want to eat the world, these are my favorites.

Special mention to the clutches with beautiful designs; It’s just that, I mention again, for those of us who work in companies, we may not be able to use it daily and my review of favorites is based on that. But they are creatively wonderful and I must point out that a lot of the designs also come with special inner linings from movie moments.


And I have to say I’m surprised. Cinderella is not one of my favorite princesses; however, the design and conceptualization of these pieces makes it the one with the most products that I have loved from this entire collaboration. Perfectly well done.

Special and honorable mention to the fact that it is the only line in the collection that has slippers, which have been so desired, that as I write these lines I know that they are already sold out on the world web (but as they said, everything is replenished so don’t worry ) Gus is my favorite character in the movie so he’s also on my wishlist.

And I must say that this clutch is so beautiful and elegant and also recreates one of my favorite places in the world, which is Walt Disney World, which I feel identified with one thousand percent and with the favorite phrase of these stories “Once Upon a Time”.

You can buy it on the BUTRICH website globally.

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