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Miami Swim Week new generation of talent 2022

Five designers debuted impressive collections in the Paradise tent, with designers focused on sustainable brands and friendly fabrics, KB Bathing Suits; an Aboriginal designer-led brand from Australia, Message in a Bottle (MIB); a “Mami y yo” brand with suits for boys and girls, LainSnow; An influencer-led brand that features both swim and resort pieces, Meghan Mae Swimwear.


Instagram: @shopkbswim

Based on 5 elements of nature. The fabrics are made from pre- and post-consumer products, such as regenerated nylon called Econyl as well as recycled polyester called Repreve.

Origin Of Oceans

Instagram: @originofoceans

The complete transition from sunrise to sunset is reflected in the “Here Comes The Sun” collection. Psychedelic prints and embellished with handmade embroidery.

Megan Mae

Instagram: @meganmaemiami

Designer and influencer Megan Mae Stevens’ Charisma collection was inspired by a recent trip to Greece to create shades of tan, lilac and champagne and organic prints.

Message in the Bottle-The Label (MIB)

Instagram: @mibthelabel

Inspired by works of art by artists with contemporary indigenous touches from Australia. Traditional methods were used.


Instagram: @lainsnow

Inspired by working families around the world, the neon of the 90’s returns, ribbed and shiny fabric, flattering even for postpartum silhouettes.


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