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Google introduces “try on” with generative AI

Google has introduced a new virtual fitting tool with generative artificial intelligence, which shows the garment in the correct size while you shop online.

In the famous search engine, the new tool will give people the option to see how items look in a variety of models. For this, 40 men and 40 women were photographed with a variety of sizes (from XXS to 4XL), body shapes, ethnicities, hair types, and skin tones.

First, users will be able to select images of various models. Second, the item is digitally and photorealistically portrayed in the still image of the model.

The first launch is set for the retailer found in the Google Merchant Center, to US consumers and with global brands. In its first test it will only include women’s tops.

It is important to mention that the sizes are not standardized, so the label does not necessarily match the alphabetical or numerical size of the brand. The graphic information of the garment is based on the combination of the original photography provided by the brand of the model with the images of the model taken by Google.

Google’s focus ranges from supporting retailers to unise Google Merchant Center, to applying generative AI to help it become a native shopping destination for fashion and beauty while competing with Meta and Amazon for ad revenue.

According to Insider Intelligence, Google’s 28.4 percent share leads in the global digital advertising market versus Meta with 20.1% and Amazon with 7.5%.


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