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ExclusiveTalk: the world through the lens of Calu Peache

In this exclusive interview, we learn about a lifestyle of a young, fresh and creative mind. Because Calu Peache, still in her twenties as a photographer, has something that many of us would like, to work while traveling to live. A story that we know you will like to know.

We connected a few weeks ago with Calu via instagram and we continue talking. Among her agenda, we managed this interview that reveals a little more about her, and something that we also see reflected in her photos, a good high vibe from each celebrity and place that she travels with an energy that reflects dynamism, with that approach to the world of the famous conserving their natural side. Documentary, although glamorous, her own style that she has been defining and is becoming more and more well-known.

Camaleónicas: How did the inspiration for photography come to you?

Calu Peache: Looking back, I don’t remember the exact moment when my passion for what I do was born, but I do remember that at the age of 15 I realized that I wanted to dedicate myself to that. When I took my first communion I had a meeting with my family and they gave me money to buy whatever I want and I chose to buy my first camera. A Kodak EasyShare C613, then after a couple of birthdays I saved more and bought a Samsung ST500 (it had a double screen it was crazy) and then for my 15th they asked me what I wanted as a gift and I asked for money to buy my first Canon , a Rebel t5i that I used for many years and learned from everything. I think it was there that I found inspiration in photography and realized that this was what I was passionate about.

C: How have you achieved that balance between traveling and working?

CP: The trips begin when part of my family moves abroad, my uncles and my very young cousin go to Miami and it was a strong blow for me.

“I love to travel, I enjoy a change of air every couple of months and I like being able to stay a long time in each place I go to get to know it in depth.”

CP: My work allows me to be flexible, and I can take the days I want to travel and be able to make contacts and work outside my country, but like all freelancers it has its great drawback, which is that I depend 100% on myself, with the good and the bad. It is being in a constant search for what to do, how to innovate, not to stay still or comfortable. There are months that I don’t work at all and others that I do everything non-stop, over the years I got used to it and today I don’t see myself any other way because traveling is key for me, I would tell you that it fulfills me almost as much as taking very good photos of myself. preferred artist.

C: And between trips, what are your favorite photography spots?

CP: If I have to choose cities where I most enjoyed taking photos I would say Paris, it is my favorite city in the world and being able to take photos at Fashion Week there was a dream and it happened in a very spontaneous way. Some friends hosted me at their house and I spent my time walking to find all the secret venues for each show. I also met a colleague and friend there and we were able to take photos together, so in terms of experience + spot I prefer Paris.

C: In your experience, what is the best and most complex part of your work?

CP: I think that the most complex thing, at least for me, is the ups and downs, months with a lot of work, months with little, not knowing how much money I’m going to have next month hahaha but it’s important to have steady businesses/jobs that help you have a “stability”. In addition to that, it seems a bit hard to put down roots in a country, then leave, and be in contact with my people in Buenos Aires virtually. Although they see all my stories because I share everything that happens to me, many times it is somewhat complicated because they He misses seeing each other every week. And I miss my dog a lot, I think it’s the hardest; because I can call my family and chat for hours, but not with Rodo and that kills me.

Despite all this, I choose my job because I am so passionate about it and it is what makes me get up every morning wanting to create.

“The best thing is the non-routine, the constant challenge, being able to meet incredible and new people all the time.”

CP: The anecdotes that I can tell my friends, the places I know and for me the most important thing is to create something that lasts over time and that tomorrow I can have my point of view of things. It would make me very happy at 80 years to look back and have a million photos, videos of all the experiences I had, people I met, historical moments I witnessed.

C: For “camaleónicas” it is always good to know. Any tips on how you organize your time between all your activities?

CP: Being 100%, I am quite flown with the organization, I calculate the time very badly but I write everything down in my cell phone calendar. One tip that I can give is to calculate extra time for everything because when you are short of time, things always happen. I try to be very punctual when I work, give realistic material delivery times and I rush a lot when it matters, time is everything. 

C: Something that we find beautiful in your networks is that you become friends with people you work with. How do you achieve that connection with celebs or people with whom you share work?

CP: I have few celeb friends, but I think the connection is something genuine that can’t be pushed too much. For me it is super important that there is good energy when working because that is how things turn out well, so sometimes good friendships arise because of that. Just as the office worker / lawyer / teacher makes friends with her colleagues, I surround myself with make-up artists, hairdressers, stylists, models, singers, etc… so it is logical that I develop ties with people in the environment because we share many interests. It has also happened to me to get away from friends from when I was a girl because we have very different rhythms of life but like everything it is to find a point of connection and balance. If the connection is strong, be it a celeb or a lifelong friend, I believe that a way is found to be and share life together.

C: What other projects besides photography do you have? Tell us about Martina Lusquiños (the fashion brand that she has built with her family)

CP: Today I am fully focused on my career in photography, I want to make music videos and have my team, but it is something that I take calmly because I like to do things well and understand what I do, it is a world that I see from afar but I want to get a little in there.

Martina Lusquiños is a brand that we founded with my sister and my mother in a pandemic, and I loved doing it. I have a degree in Advertising Communication and I think that with this project I was able to put it into practice and learn a lot. Nowadays I am traveling a lot and Martu took the reins of the project but we help each other with everything, she sends me things and I contribute and vice versa. My sister is the most important person in my life and her opinion in my work is fundamental and I like to be a part of her even though she is far from her things. After all, we put the brand with her name because she is the designer and she breaks everything, she makes me all the martu outfits, I drive her crazy badly.

C: Finally, we are as much fans of Buenos Aires as you are since I lived in the city of fury too. What places do you recommend for good photographs?

CP: In Buenos Aires you have everything, I don’t know if I can choose a particular place because it depends on what you want to do, you want nature you can go to Tigre, modern city you have Puerto Madero, in Microcentro (near Plaza de Mayo) there are buildings style Incredible Europeans, lots of variety. Buenos Aires, if you visit Argentina you cannot miss going to Patagonia, it is one of my favorite places in the country. Villa La Angostura blew my mind, I went in summer and this year I’m going to visit the south in winter so I’m really excited.

“To find a good spot there is no formula, I give much more importance to light. Almost anywhere, if there is good light, you can find a good spot.”


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