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Dua Lipa x Versace present La Vacanza

The stage, Cannes. In the middle of a sunset, the singer Dua Lipa together with the emblematic designer of the Versace house, Donatella, presented their latest joint collaboration called La Vacanza. Pure Italian glamour.

La Vacanza means “Vacation” in Italian and plays on mixing well-known patterns of cuts and models of the Italian brand with the youthful and fresh spirit that characterizes Dua Lipa, who is also known to be the muse of the brand and Donatella herself.

It is known that this collaboration has been a duo work, current and as they have indicated to the media it is “a celebration of endless opportunities, creativity, collaboration, friendship and a full life”.

The brand held the show at the neoclassical Chateau de la Croix des Gardes, overlooking Cannes and the Lérins Islands. And in the middle of the sunset, the models, some established like Irina Shayk delighted on the catwalk. The collection includes everything from dresses to bodies and something that stands out is the use of butterflies as the distinctive print of the collection. And being this the year of Barbiecore and Dua Lipa being part of the film, we cannot doubt that there is some inspiration in the use of color and the fact that several of the models’ hairstyles were reminiscent of the mythical doll.

In addition, colors such as turquoise blue or pastel pink, there were metallic sets and dresses and suits in black, reinterpreting Versace’s Spring-Summer 1995 collection. Both male and female models wore ready-to-wear pieces, swimwear and cocktail suits.

“We live in a digital world. Making people have to wait months to buy what they are seeing today is something that is going to disappear,” Donatella clarified because they started the sale immediately after the show, which was also shown online.

Dua Lipa came out to say hello, wearing a sheer Versace dress in the brand’s familiar bondage design, holding Donatella by the hand; He was also dressed in black, with an asymmetrical suit.

The La Vacanza collection went on sale in stores and on the Versace website immediately after the show.



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